The Problem

Inefficient, lengthy settlement process interferes with cash flow

High transaction fees take a significant bite out of company assets

Local fiat currency restricts access to a wider global audience, limiting scalability

High cost of equipment for a regular payment gateway increases fixed capital

Limited or no access to traditional banking systems and/or microcredit, resulting in financial exclusion

Weak fiat currency stifles purchasing power

Remittances from outside involve expensive money transfer services

Inconvenience of authorization requirements and long wait periods

Prevalent Issues

Currency Manipulation &
Price Fluctuations

Involving corrupt monetary
authorities and governments.

Weak Local Fiat Currencies

That are volatitle and constantly

High Transaction Costs Even With Altcoins

Which is why bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been struggling with financial inclusion despite speed and ease of use.

Large Unbanked

Due to poor, unregulated
banking infrastructure.

Evils of Cash Transactions

Inefficient, insecure transfers
with opaque ledgers.

Say Hello to Oduwagateway

Empowering Both Merchants & Shoppers in Africa

Reduced Transaction Costs

With fewer intermediaries involved, merchants can maximize revenue.

Offers & Rewards

Shoppers are privy to a range of exclusive deals and rewards while enjoying the benefits of online shopping at home.


Increased Purchasing Power

Due to increased savings, both merchants and shoppers are left with more in-hand currency.

Blockchain Technology

For borderless, cashless, secure payments made in the cryptocurrency Oduwa Coin that can be settled in local currencies.

Innovative, Low-Cost & Socially Progressive

Helping Africa’s Fintech Revolution With Seamless Digital Currency Payments

Oduwagateway: Easier Payments &

Digital Money Transfers for Africa

Get Oduwa Coin and settle all your transactions with Oduwagateway eWallet!

Robust and trusted digital

Oduwagateway is an innovative digital solution
for merchants and users of Oduwa coin to buy and
sell goods and services through low-cost, safe,
and efficient transactions.

Empowering underserved
Fast, efficient, reliable.
Merchants can tap into a rural customer base that is otherwise financially excluded.

Oduwa Coin

Mobile Wallet



Cross-Border, Cashless Payments


Store, Spend & Receive Oduwa Coins


Conversion to Local Fiat Currencies

Not just convenience - a lot more!

Lower Crime

The likelihood of theft with digital currencies is a lot lower than with physical cash. In fact, cryptocurrency transfers cannot be reversed, one of its safeguards against fraud.

No Double

ODUWA’s blockchain ledger allows for better traceability of funds. It verifies the authenticity of each transaction and prevents double counting.


The Oduwagateway mobile app handles everything for you, Oduwagateway supports conversions to most local currencies around the world.

Oduwagateway is designed to tackle the common cons of non-crypto digital payments

Less Prone to Hacking

Oduwagateway is built with multiple layers of authentication and high levels of encryption. User security is our # 1 priority.

Economic Equality

Oduwa Coins can be used as a store of value resource. This is of critical importance to African countries that have high inflation rates.

No Fees & No Overspending

Oduwagateway has low transaction fees. You can move funds at your convenience and avoid overspending.

Merchants on Oduwagateway have a new cost-friendly, convenient solution


Merchants Have It Easy

Oduwagateway offers financial services to local and international merchants within the Oduwa Coin Network to boost mass adoption.

Merchants partner with Oduwagateway at They first open a merchant account and accept the terms of business.

Merchants receive payments once all the transactions have been approved in the local currency.

Merchants are charged a per-transaction fee and a monthly fee.

Well-known businesses are accepting Cryptocurrencies

The Oduwagateway Blockchain Wallet is positioning itself to be the No. 1 digital payment app for ODUWA COIN cryptocurrency.

The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Created a Greater Need for Digital Currency

As people avoid excessive use of fiat currency, Oduwagateway brings a fresh and unique solution to the world of Fintech.

Oduwa Coins Are Almost Non-Volatile

The greatest concern around cryptocurrencies is high volatility when measured against local fiat currencies.

Oduwagateway fights constant fluctuations by integrating stable (OWDT) COINS into the ecosystem to back Oduwa Coin.

OduwaUSD stable coin is a part of the Oduwa Blockchain integration designed to solve volatility-related problems that merchants face using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, while still offering many of the benefits (instant processing, secure payments, etc.).

Oduwagateway guarantees merchants receiving payments with owc, are equivalent to the fiat currency listed at the tiime of checkout, all possible due to converting to OWDT stable coins.

Tax Implications

Cryptocurrencies have tax liabilities like fiat money.

Oduwa Coins do not exempt you from Income Tax Responsibility

For federal tax purposes, virtual currency is treated as property and not as currency, implying that general tax principles that apply to properties will also apply to virtual currencies.

Any business considering accepting payments in Oduwa Coin will need to keep comprehensive records of its transactions, and be aware of the tax implications.

Merchants that solely accept payments in cryptocurrency are likely not subject to these rules and licensing/registration obligations.

Advantages of Oduwa Wallet

Analogous to wire transfers

Recorded on blockchain

P2P with no intermediary

Low transaction costs

Eliminated adversaries

Reward points

Protection against fraud

P2P lending allows the lender to set his terms and make reasonable returns while helping the borrower build his credit.

A Revolutionary App for Better Financial Integration in Africa.

Creating Social Impact

Connect | Transfer | Deliver

Helping struggling merchants connect with underserved populations


Together we Will

Build a Better